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Learning All About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most magnificent locations in Mexico to visit.  Vallarta is located on the Western side of Mexico, which means it borders the Pacific Ocean rather than the Gulf.  For this very reason the city is different from places such as Cozumel or Cancun.  Puerto Vallarta is one of the top vacation destinations for Americans providing luxury, culture, and water sports fused.

Vallarta is fused with traditional Mexican culture while offering deep sea fishing, wedding locations, and plenty of beaches to get a tan.  Puerto Vallarta Mexico is mostly known for their deep sea fishing, but there are many other options, even those found within your hotel or resort.

For example you can take a trip to Tequila either by boat or car where there are many agave plants.  They will show you where the actual liquor is made and give you a bit of a taste test.  There are also other treasures in Puerto Vallarta to find such as scenic areas used in some of the more famous movies.  For example “The Night of the Iguana” was filmed in parts of Puerto Vallarta. 

Art, music, and other concert options are available throughout the city in a variety of different cultures.  You have the Indian culture with their music, crafts, and wares. If shopping is not in your mind then you might consider the many golf courses.  Golfing is another big hit in Puerto Vallarta, which means there are many courses available as part of villas, resorts and hotels.  There are also separate courses. 

Puerto Vallarta is definitely a vacation spot not to be missed.  We have discussed some of the activities available in the area, but there is much more.  For instance the weather in Puerto Vallarta is something to be considered.  The location of Puerto Vallarta Mexico is such that you have mild tropical weather all year round.  The summer will be a little warm for some, with plenty of chance for afternoon showers starting in June.  The rain is usually only for a few hours before the skies clear again.  During the wintry months the temperatures will be cooler, but still offering you enough beach days to make it a perfect vacation.

Visit Puerto Vallarta with an all inclusive package to find out just how wonderful it can be!