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The Best Beaches in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Travel destinations are often subjective as to what is the best.  For example one person’s criteria may differ from another.  What can usually be agreed upon is what is offered at that vacation hot spot that might make it worth visiting.  Puerto Vallarta Mexico provides a host of different activities to make it a destination hot spot for many in the Americas. 

Number one, Vallarta is located on the Pacific Ocean with tropical weather all year round.  This means scuba diving, water sports, canopy tours, and much more outdoor activities are available.  If you are one to enjoy swimming in the water and getting a sun tan, Puerto Vallarta Mexico is certainly a destination to consider their best beaches.

We have a list of some of the beaches found in Puerto Vallarta.  We will leave it up to you to determine what the best beaches are for you, since there are 34 miles of beach property and over 26 actual locations.

Las Animas and Mismaloya is considered a great sandy location for children and families.  The surf at Las Animas is gentle, which means children can enjoy playing in the water without fear of currents, high waves, or other undesirable traits.  They also have a crocodile farm located at this site.  The beach is not very large, but the combination of water and animals makes it exciting.

San Pancho is a different type of beach.  It is very sandy, with a wide expanse of beach to enjoy.  What makes it different are its hidden qualities.  San Pancho is not on the main strip of beaches; instead it is one hour north of Puerto Vallarta bordering a small town to enjoy.

Sayulita is considered a nude beach.  It is a secluded area south of Vallarta, past a cemetery, and into a secluded spot.  This is definitely not a beach for families, but it is great for a romantic location. 

Another romantic location in Puerto Vallarta for fun, sand, and sun is Majahuitas.  It is a cove in the jungle, which takes you away from the tourist locations and provides a South Seas feel.  You can snorkel and dive in the area.  However, you should know that it is part of the Mexico Boutique Hotel, which means it is not for public access.